About Us

Bangarra Family Office is one of Australia’s leading family offices. It was founded by Jeff Chapman in 2000 with the intention of preserving and generating wealth to further Jeff and his wife Carena’s philanthropic pursuits.

Bangarra Family Office is strongly principled and follows a 20 year history as being at the forefront of Australian philanthropy with the adoption of a similar position on sustainable and impact investing.

Central to Bangarra Family Office’s culture of success and caring has been the Bennelong Foundation and its similarly named UK sister Foundation. It is the driving force of the group, the engine room, the body that ensures that we are living up to our history and our DNA commitments.

Bangarra Family Office is unique and an effective partner and friend to other family offices in Australia and New Zealand. It is recognised internationally through its leadership of a large group of international families and family offices.

In a rare interview, Jeff shares his story including his early years and involvement in a diverse range of industries, including professional sports, media production, property development, funds management and global equities as well as his philanthropic endeavours. The Interview: Jeff Chapman in conversation. 

Global Values

Bangarra Family Office and the work we undertake is not defined by the legacy we hope to leave but by the active, ongoing impact we have through creating a culture of excellence, setting clear philanthropic objectives and fostering collaboration in the communities we hope to engage.

Fundamental to this vision, is the continued success of the commercial operations of Bangarra Family Office.

Our ‘Family’ is an experienced, innovative and committed team of individuals who bring their skills, passion and competitive spirit to the work we do; understanding as they do so, that everything we do in the name of Bangarra Family Office, is designed to enrich the Bennelong Foundation and our philanthropic works. The Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Bangarra Family Office, and is the driving force of Bangarra Family Office’s work.

Named after the Wiradjuri word for ‘fire stick’, Bangarra Family Office looks to engage with First Nations Peoples and seek out opportunities to further the goals of self-determination and equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Active, ongoing impact through creating a culture of excellence, setting clear philanthropic objectives and fostering collaboration in the communities.

Environmental Social Governance

Bangarra Family Office combines its essence of private ownership and entrepreneurialism with the highest governance and compliance standards. Our business management approach is underpinned by a philosophy that values a long-term view and investing in quality.

The Bennelong Foundation is supported by Bangarra Family Office to enhance community wellbeing and drive positive lasting change for all Australians.

Bangarra Family Office understands the power of business to create social and environmental value for current and future generations but that it can also contribute to negative impacts. We are committed to acting ethically and responsibly in all areas of our operations and as a consequence, Corporate Social Responsibility will inform our decisions and actions.

Bangarra Family Office sees the adoption of an ESG Policy as enhancing its philanthropic heritage, which, combined with its core values of honesty, competitiveness, teamwork, prudence, balance, respect, accountability and hard work, underpin all its initiatives.